Official Screenshots of Meego For N900 and Netbooks

Intel Developer Conference started in Bejing. There was a official talk about Meego development. The Intel showcased some screenshots of upcoming Meego Operating System.

MeeGo Community grows wide with support from many companies

The Nokia and Intel announced the birth of Meego a combination of Nokia’s Maemo and Intel’s Moblin OS.  Meego is said to be powering the next generation of computing devices.  Today Linux Foundation displayed the group of Companies joined  Meego community.This participation translates into millions of developer hours dedicated to cross-device compatibility, application portability and the user experience for MeeGo-based devices. Contributors are attracted to MeeGo because it extends reach beyond just netbooks and smartphones to also include communications devices, in-vehicle infotainment devices, connected TVs, media phones and more.

How To: Overclock your Nokia N900

Aston’D Souza aka Lifenexus have written a tutorial how to overclock the Nokia N900 using Titan Kernel Method.

The cortex A8 processor is designed to run between 600mhz and 1ghz. So its safe between these limits. Dont cross 1ghz if you dont know what your doing.

This following method is not a permanent overclock and i wont post permanent methods or anything that is not stable. This is a simple guide to overclocking and a safe guide.
With this method, you can overclock when you need and when you wish to go back to stock, you can do so. When you reboot, the frequencies are reset anyway.

To begin with, enable extra devel repository.
Go to application manager and select the menu by tapping the top bar. Select application catalogs->new.

Video : Google Chrome on Nokia N900

You might have seen the screenshots and the news about Google Chrome ported to Nokia N900. Here is a cool video from showing the browser in action on the phone. Multiple tabs on chrome is looking really cool and much better than firefox.


Official Screenshots of Meego For N900 and Netbooks
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