Aigo Walkshow NX7001 Mobile Internet Device runs on Maemo OS

The Aigo Walkshow NX7001 is a MID that runs on the Maemo OS, which is similar to what the Nokia N900 is having.  The Walkshow NX7001 will come with 3G connectivity as well as Wi-Fi support, a GPS and Bluetooth module.

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With Maemo, you can use it as a desktop PC. It have a resistive 16:9 4.3″ touchscreen display at 800 × 480 resolution, Two cameras(2-megapixel and VGA), a Mrvell PXA310 806MHz processor, 128MB RAM, a microSD memory card slot and NAND flash memory. Its compact size, 146*75*18mm.

Aigo have just launched their latest Linux Maemo mobile Internet device (MID) the WalkShow NX7001. Which is equipped with a 16:9 4.3-inch touch screen display with a resolution of 800 × 480 and a Linux operating system also know as the ‘Nokia Maemo Linux’  which allows you to perform the same functions on the MID as on a desktop PC.

The new WalkShow NX7001 is equipped with 3G and Wi-fi and is powered by a Marvell PXA310 806MHz processor with 128MB DDR and NAND flash, the memory can be extended via the integrated micro SD card slot.

Aigo Walkshow NX7001 Mobile Internet Device runs on Maemo OS

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